How to Add Scrolling Images in Squarespace

Moving images on any website creates a catchy eye impression, so here we will learn how to scroll gallery images horizontally on a Squarespace website. How to add scrolling images in Squarespace, follow these steps:-

Click on ADD SECTION, then from the left side, add an images section. Now an image gallery will be inserted into the new Section.

How to Add Scrolling Images in Squarespace

Now EDIT GALLERY to add/remove/rearrange images. 

scrolling images in squarespace

Click Edit Section and select Gallery Type as Grid: Simple, Aspect Ration as per requirements, and increase the number of columns to the maximum.

Now copy the code given below and paste it into Squarespace Custom CSS.

#page { overflow-x:hidden } .gallery-grid-wrapper { display:flex !important; animation: slideshow 20s linear infinite } .gallery-grid-wrapper .gallery-grid-item { min-width: 30%; margin-right: 5% } @keyframes slideshow { 0% { left: 0; } 100% { left: -110%; } }
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