How To Set Up a Squarespace Account

Squarespace is a website builder allowing us to create a website without coding. It provides a 14 days trial to check all its functionality without a credit or debit card. To walk through all the features of Squarespace, one must have a Squarespace account. Here we will elaborate, How to create a Squarespace account step by step?

Step 1:-

Visit Squarespace Official Website by clicking Squarespace.

Step 2:-

After landing on SQS's official site, click on the "GET STARTED" button in the right corner of the page or on the left side in the center.

How To Set Up a Squarespace Account

Step 3:-

A new page will open asking, "What's your site about?" Select one of the suggested niches or click "I'M JUST BROWSING" in the upper right corner to skip this step.

How to create a Squarespace account step by step

Step 4:-

Scroll down to select one of the templates, here we will select the "ALMAR" template just for demo purposes.

Remember: - Squarespace 7.1 All templates belong to the same family, so any template can be customized to achieve the required design. But always Choose the best template for a better User Experience.

How To Set Up a Squarespace Account

Step 5:-

Click "START WITH THIS DESIGN". On the next page, account creating process will start. There are four different ways to set up a Squarespace account:-

  • With Google ID
  • With An Apple ID
  • Using Facebook Account
  • Using any Email Address
Here we are going to sign up using an email address.

Creating Squarespace Account

Step 6:-

Signing Up through an email address requires the following information:-
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password
After entering the above-mentioned info continue to create a Squarespace account.
How to create a website Squarespace

Step 7:-

A new screen will open with a welcome message "Welcome to your Site." Now enter the site title. Write the brand or business name in the site title box and click continue.

how to create a website in squarespace

Now Squarespace will display a demo page to explain how to edit, create and stylize pages. Click Next to go forward and then on "GET STARTED."

how to use squarespace to create a website

Now a Squarespace Account is ready to use. Visit to learn how to create a Squarespace website step by step.

Squarespace Website Dashboard
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