How To Make a Folder Clickable in Squarespace

You know in Squarespace a folder is used to create a drop-down menu without a clickable URL. But today I will tell you how one can easily make a clickable folder  Squarespace using a few lines of custom code. In this folder, you can add the URL of your choice and it can be achieved in a number of ways. Before adding a clickable folder remember;-

  •  It only works in Squarespace 7.1
  • It does not work on mobile devices and is only effective on desktop site versions.
How To Make a Folder Clickable in Squarespace

Go to Design and then Custom CSS and then add the code given below.

.header-nav-folder-item:first-of-type a { 

Above code actually increases the clickable area of the folder, you can adjust it according to your own by increasing the padding and margin. 

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